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What is Plait?

Plait is the first subscription box brand in Malta. We select the best products and deliver a crate of them to your door so that you can discover the best stuff without leaving home. We currently prepare distinct crates of wine, beer, beauty products, organic produce, and Maltese food.

How do Plait subsriptions work?

You may subscribe to Wine, Beer and Beauty Plaits on a 3-month or 6-month basis, with prices which work out better per crate but which must be paid upfront. However, if for example, you will not be home during a particular month, you may choose to defer deliveries.

Organic Plaits may be subscribed for on a weekly or biweekly basis, without any commitment at all – you may stop your subscription at any time.

There are currently no subscription options for Malta Plait.

When are Plait crates delivered?

All Plait deliveries within Malta and Gozo are carried out on your preferred date and time selected from the following 5 available weekdays. Beauty Plaits are the exception: these are always delivered on your preferred date selected from the first 5 weekdays of the month. Malta Plaits shipping internationally are sent out within 1 day of your order and usually take 5-12 business days to arrive. Actual shipping times depend on your desination country.

Will I be notified of my delivery date?

We will remind you by SMS on the morning before delivery, and again a few hours before an evening delivery.

How much does delivery cost?

Evening deliveries are free to anywhere in Malta and Gozo, while day deliveries cost an additional €4 – since evening deliveries suit us (and the local traffic situation) best! Malta Plait shipping costs vary by country and are calculated on every half-kilogram above the first 2 kilograms.

Do you deliver to Gozo?

Yes we do! Evening deliveries are free to Gozo as well – Gozitans deserve the same access to Plait as anyone in Malta.

When will I be rebilled for my Organic Plait delivery?

Rebilling for Organic Plait happens 2 days before your set delivery date. We will always send you an email a day before to remind you of rebilling.

How do I skip my next delivery?

Head over to your Account page and press Skip Next Delivery.

How do I stop my subscription?

You can stop Organic Plait subscriptions anytime, for free – very easily. Just head over to your Account page and press Stop Subscription. Wine, Beer and Beauty Plait subscriptions may not be stopped before the 3 or 6 months you commit for are over.

How do I change my address or add another one?

Head over to your Account page, and press Edit on your address, or press + Add Address. You may also add and save new addresses at checkout.